Icon Book & Game Identity

Icon Book & Game Identity A small look book I created for a game concept I've had for a little while. No UI features, etc, just a fun little mood piece. Spraypaint, Digital / Physical collage, improvised book making practices, print.

This handmade book was created as part of a class assignment to build an icon book which incorporated logo design, pattern building, and grafting. For the assignment I chose to create a look book for a video game concept of mine.

Based on satire, dark yet goofy post-apocalyptic environments, and clan-based warfare, the book purports to convey the sense of mood, environment, and identity of four distinct groups, or Burbs ('burbs), left after the apocalypse.

The story is loosely based on the idea that we destroyed ourselves by destroying our habitat, creating ginormous clouds of deadly gas, The Fog, which float freely across entire cities, destroying organic compounds and slowly eating away at dwellings. The clouds could come at any time, and their onset was so quick after years of gradual buildup that defense was impossible.

Atop a teetering spire of earth like the top of an apple core sits an oasis, one of the only known sources of fresh water. Smashed up against the four corners of this body of water and separated by all manner of terrain and environmental obstacle are four remaining suburbs.

In the madness of the end of the world, much of what was previously understood was mixed up and reinterpreted to make sense of this new reality. Knowledge and belief was fractured through thousands of perceptions as it was retold or rebuilt based on the memory of before, only now it emerges unhinged, looser, frayed at the edges like a bad acid trip. Everything's come out raw, wrong, and violent. It's kill or be killed.

Territory is marked by unique patches, banners, flags, and graffiti stencils.

Valley View is a take on the traditional, middle America 1950's country club society. Sure, it's 2027, but culturally they don't know that, and besides, you're just a waiter to them anyway.

Chapel Hill

Steel End is the working class, blue collar labor sector all condensed into one industrious town. The machinery and weaponry they're capable of producing is impressive, unfortunately it all has to be built from rough scrap most of which is remnants of mass manufacturing, so it's not known to last long. How many grease monkeys does it take to change the wheel on a rusting 40 ton death chariot?

Greeden Falls was once comprised of Twinkling glass high rises, an old financial sector. A particularly nasty cloud of FOG rolled through and dissolved much of the ground beneath their section of the spire, dumping most of the Burb into a cesspool. It's completely off limits, and the poor souls who survived are mutated, diseased monsters hellbent on taking everything they can for themselves. They have a particular hankering for human flesh, so heed the warning signs. 10+ toxicity means more than an easy bake sun tan.

The Black Hand... no one seems knows much about them... but they're feared throughout the Burbs. Their war markings are most prevalent near Greeden Falls, but can be found in sections of almost every Burb left. Deadly, secretive, maybe a myth? No one has ever actually seen a clan member in the flesh... but surely they have to be out there somewhere.

24 Pages
Saddle Stitched with Black Thread.
Repurposed Hardcover

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