D.E.C. Conference Motion Graphics | Nuts & Bolts

Motion graphics for the 2016 Design Educator's Conference sponsored by AIGA, hosted at BGSUGD.com with support from BGSU and AIGA Toledo.

Nuts & Bolts
Motion graphics work created for Nuts & Bolts, the 2016 AIGA Design Educator's Conference hosted at BGSU by the Graphic Design Division (BGSUGD.COM) and AIGA with support from BGSU and AIGA Toledo.
Nuts & Bolts | Tightening Up Classroom Fundamentals, Reinforcing Careers, + Constructing the Future of the Discipline.
"Nuts + Bolts, a national AIGA Design Education conference for emerging and established design educators, administrators, students, and designers to strip away the mystique of academia and help build a solid foundational knowledge of discipline specific teaching methods."
I was also able to direct a video production capturing the main stage speakers. This event featured five keynote speakers and countless breakout sessions across three days on the BGSU campus. The videos will be released upon completion of editing, grading, and audio correction. At around 1TB of data it will take me a little time to get it out to everyone but there were some great talks covering the tightening of classroom fundamentals and discussing the future of both practice and pedagogy in the design educator’s field.

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