Away With Words 3d Animations

Promotional motion and 3d graphics pieces for AIGA Toledo summer show Away With Words. Self initiated project that was incorporated into the AIGA Toledo event. Responsible all video/motion/c4d/script aspects. Logotype and event branding pulled from print collateral by intern Colleen Irmen under art direction from Matt Rowland as part of AIGA Toledo.


These videos are my first attempt at creating my own self initiated video projects involving animation and motion effects. The time to create them is hard to pin down as they are the result of a few experiments culminating in finished pieces, but I would estimate the two larger projects took a total of roughly 30(+) hours of building, modeling, and preparing the scenes and researching knowledge to specific challenges, and render time was huge from C4d. Possibly 5 days running in the background.

The logotype used was developed by AIGA Toledo and branding assets for the print collateral developed under intern Colleen Irmen with supervision by Matt Rowland. The identity of the event is owed to this team and AIGA Toledo.


AIGA Toledo's annual summer show has a rich and evolving history of putting quality design work in front of a hungry audience. Lining the walls with works from local, regional, national and international artists and designers, AIGA Toledo summer shows promote collaboration and community for the sake of a richer more vibrant city.

For this years summer show Away With Words the unifying theme is literature. Previous shows had the topic of album artwork for vinyl records, and movie posters. Contributors receive a prompt specifying dimensions and final output guidelines for hanging, beyond those guides the creatives are free to generate whatever work they see fit. 

I created these short animations as promotional videos to support the show. Thanks to a recently wrapped internship with Madhouse here in Toledo Ohio I was able to put some polish my skills in the world of video editing and production and also add to them with motion graphics and 3D. To make these animations I relied on a bulk learning experience from the internship. Much of my work at Madhouse was video based, but also included branding and print work.

These projects were completed in my personal time at home and relied on a lot of investigation and google searching for tricks and tips using a software that I was extremely new to, Maxon's Cinema 4D. Designers at Madhouse were extremely helpful in my education as I asked what was surely an unbelievable amount of questions in my accelerated hunt for answers and productivity. 

Happily, I turned out these animations after letting my laptop render constantly for a few days to out put the 3d animations in the last few days of my internship. I then took my animations into aftereffects to work on titles, and worked between after effects, C4d, and Premiere to cut the final pieces. The music was given to me by an artist from the FMA archive and he was kind enough to grant us access to his entire catalog of music for use with our nonprofit AIGA Toledo. 

Music: “Tech Toys” by Lee Rosevere, Happy Puppy Records. (CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International)
Thank you for watching!

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